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TO stop the pot in delaware
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Update: 5.31.2022: 

 HB 371, another attempt to legalize recreational Marijuana was filed and fast tracked through committee. The sponsor restructured the bill that was defeated so that it no longer needs a 3/5 majority vote. 

HB 371 "decriminalizes" recreational marijuana in Delaware, which means that this bill removes criminal penalties without any of the supposed "safeguards" from the original bill.

When this bill was originally heard on April 13th, the typical protocol of hearing comments from the committee and the public was ignored.

As a result, HB 371 was re-heard in committee on May 3rd. It then moved through both chambers and officially passed on May 12th.

Since passage, Governor Carney vetoed HB 371 on May 24th. 

The other, more expansive marijuana legalization bill, HB 372, required a 3/5 vote to pass. It was defeated in the House on May 19th. 

Say no to the legalization of recreational marijuana.


 Advanced issues found
  • Marijuana usage causes long-term harm to the brains of our young people. By decriminalizing it, HB 371 essentially legalizes marijuana for recreational use at the age of 21, but brain development is not fully complete until age 25. Marijuana should not be legal for those there still within the realm of direct harm from the substance. Please vote NO to HB 371. 
  • ​Marijuana is not the same as alcohol and should not be considered a legal substance as if it was. It has a direct effect on the brain, because it is absorbed into the fatty tissue -- the brain is the largest fatty organ of the body. That's why comparing marijuana to alcohol or tobacco consumption is NOT accurate. ​Because marijuana is stored in the fat tissues, it enters the bloodstream slowly for up to two days after usage. This makes the negative effects are long term. Marijuana potency levels have increased over the years - which also explains why there is such a sharp increase in death and visits to trauma centers in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Please vote no to HB 371. 
  • Though it mentions not consuming marijuana in a moving vehicle, it does state it in such a way that driving while under the influence is clarified to be illegal. As written, someone may consume in their home or in an accepted space and immediately operate a vehicle. This is both dangerous and hard to monitor. ​You cannot adequately monitor driving while under the influence with marijuana as you can with alcohol. Marijuana cannot be tested for as easily as alcohol can at a traffic stop. A legal percentage of THC within the body would need to be calculated to even determine if a person has violated that provision.  It will be difficult for our law enforcement to enforce this if legalized. Please vote NO to HB 371. 
  • ​Recreational marijuana use has the ability to cause serious mental illness. Long term effects of marijuana usage can include psychosis, a mental health term that includes schizophrenia. Please consider the potential mental health concerns created for Delawareans by decriminalizing usage of marijuana and vote no to HB 371. 
 Advanced issues found
 Advanced issues found
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